Idea #38 Hamlet’s Dilemma

Do it when you want to train decision making. So many times we have to choose between to do or not to do something. If only we could predict the future. For instance, we are planning to invest in our business but we don’t know is situation on the market going to be better or worse for our business. But after the battle it is easy to be the general. Before the battle we can (only) use matrix 2 x 2. Now we have 4 quadrants. In first we do the action (invest the money) and situation on the market is going to be better for our business. On second quadrant we are not investing money and situation on the market is better. Obviously we miss the chance to invest in good business. In third quadrant we do the action, and situation in the business is worse. So we are very sad for losing money. In fourth quadrant we don’t do the action and situation is worse in your business. Ironically we are happy because we haven’t invested in bad business. If you cautiously discuss situations in every quadrant you will notice that in 2 situations almost always you will have bad situation and good situation in other 2.
Now it will be much easier to make decisions what to do.
Now, coaching questions for you:
1. Imagine that you can predict situation on the market in next 3 years. How it will look like?
2. Explain it in 3 sentences.
3. How that situation will affect your market?
4. How important for you on 1 to 10 is that you know that situation?
5. Knowing that information what will be the first thing that you will do?
6. What will be your following steps?
7. Make time frame for all your steps?
8. What will be your strategy if something goes other way?
9. How satisfied are you with this plan?
Thank you and good luck!

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