Idea #39 Cherishing problems

Do it when you want to find real problems and answers to them. Old people say:  “Where is the illness there’s a cure”. In business world it means that people who are in the front line dealing with problems are first one who will notice them and find the answer. Just they have to be motivated to do that. Otherwise they will just complain about their destiny. So first you have to motivate them to escalate the problem to you. Make competition that every week all employees will send by email the most difficult situations.
Choose the hardest and give price to that person. Now for next 7 days all people will have to think about solving that situation. Choose the best answer and give price to that person. At the same time competition will be for the next difficult situation. So, from now on, every week you will have two competitions. First, for the best problem and second for the best answer for situation from the previous week. Just imagine how strong your team will be in a year. Special note: It is not allowed to give money for the price!

Now, coaching questions for you:
1. What was the worst business situation that you have experienced in last 3 years?
2. Just imagine that you are looking at yourself dealing with that situation. What do you observe?
3. How satisfied you are with that you on a scale from 1 to 10?
4. What would you suggest to that other you?
5. How to talk? How to behave? What do you also notice?
6. What will be the best scenario you can suggest to that other you?
7. Tell that scenario to that other you and ask him/her to rehearsal it!
8. Imagine that other you have done it perfectly. With that feeling welcome back to the present and write down situations where you can use skills that you have practiced.
Thank you and good luck!

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