Idea #61 Day in a week without cell phone

Do it When you want to make a better relationship. This idea is closely connected to your private life. Since every businessman has a strong urge to balance his private and business life, this idea would affect your business life.The idea is to turn off your cell phone once in a week. Let’s say it would be Sunday. Make an agreement with your partner to turn off cell phones for whole Sunday. Can you survive it? If you can succeed in it, I would like to congratulate you.  This little idea could affect your business life and improve your relationship with your partner. And when you improve your relationship…, anything is possible. :)  Remember, what  your Bikram Choudhury said:  “Never too old, never too bad, never too late, never too sick to start from scratch once again.”

Now, coaching questions for you:
1. Just imagine your perfect relationship with your partner. What does it look like?
2. How do you describe this relationship in one sentence?
3. What would be the time frame for this goal?
4. Why is this goal important to you?
5. Who would you be when you reach that goal?
6. Why is that so important to you?
7. How close are you to your goal?
8. What steps do you need to do according to your time frame
9. What else do you think your partner expects from you to do to benefit from it?
10. How are you going to commit yourself to stick to your plan?
Thank you for your ideas

Idea #10 Little notebook that boosts your Self Awareness

Do it When you want to boost your Self Awareness.
This is a tool from my friend Master ZI which I have implemented in my life several years ago. As good friend of mine he can coach me whenever I am looking for some answers in my life. But he has taught me how I can coach myself every day.
All we need is a nice small notebook.
!#10 note book

On the first page you will write 2 questions:
1. What have I done today that makes me proud?
2. Which one of my virtues helped me to succeed in that?

Every night before you go to bed just shortly answer those 2 questions.
In a month you will have written proof how good you are. What have you accomplished, and what nice virtues you have.
Whenever you are in some doubts about your Capabilities and Self Awareness just read the notebook ;)
This is really great, but only if you are persistent to write down whenever you go to sleep and you are proud of something you have done.
So in the morning be sure that you will do something that will make you proud to your dairy. Now questions for you:
1. How would you feel after reading several pages of that notebook?
2. How might that help you in your everyday life?
3. Who else would benefit from that?
4. How would you know that your notebook works?
5. What 3rd or 4th questions might be useful to add in your notebook?
6. What will be your next step?
7. With all that self awareness that you boost, what would be your next goal?
8. Thank you for this session, and how useful was this session to you? 

In action

HR managers, Trainers and Coaches are using Tesla Ideas for there Team Buildings, Icebreakers and Communication Games.
Before you decide to work with me on a much deeper level as your coach, mentor or trainer I am inviting you to see what other directors think about my service.

„I admire Vlada’s professional, enthusiastic approach — he has a great capacity to manage both the big picture and the detail simultaneously.“ ~ David Clutterbuck, Special ambassador European Mentoring and Coaching Council

„Vlada is an amazing person, trainer, speaker, role model for many people all over the world and coach! I’ve met him in India and he impressed me by his global mindset, life’s philosophy and wisdom. Vlada makes a lot of good things and give much more values for others than we can even expect. His big loving heart and huge business experience are so inspiring and he shares it unconditionally and fully, becoming a supportive guide.
Take actions and learn from the best. Thank you for all, Vlada!”~ Pavel Verbnyak, Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, success expert, Russia

„Working with Vlada has been a real pleasure. Self-motivating, establishing great and relaxed ambience, keeping customer in mind and trying to understand and match their business and personal needs. Looking for innovative ways to arrive to participants to develop a positive attitude and good behaviour to take the best out of the training as Vladimir is always proud of getting results.“ ~ Josep Ros, Center for Excellence Training Manager DuPont, Spain

„Vlada is a forthright and honest man. He has the ability to speak the truth and this is a quality that drew me to him in our discussions in India.
It is easy to feel and know his vast experience in his field as he has travelled the world. He puts his point across sometimes in a play – like way which makes it very easy for his viewers to understand his teachings. He has the ability to communicate in humorous ways which makes his seminar interesting. I was so impressed to meet him-he is a encyclopedia of knowledge and is humble with all the experience he carries.
There is so much i learnt when he imparted his seminar in India and in my discussions over coffee with Vladimir. i wish him all success with his endeavour!“ ~ Anoop Kumar owner Clarks group of hotels, India
If you like to talk with me, call me at Skype vlada.srma or directly at +381 63 55 88 88.

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If you like to talk with me, call me at Skype vlada.srma or directly at +381 63 55 88 88.