Idea #13 What to do when someone is late?

Whenever you have training or meeting there is someone that is late. Is it true?
What to do with those people that think there time is more valuable than ours?

Obviously we have to change their behavior. And how are we going to do that? The only way is by changing our behavior! Next time introduce to all in your team or group that you are starting at given time and expecting that everyone will be punctual. However, for those who are going to be late you are introducing money box. With label $ 10.
Just put that box on a single chair or on the desk where person has to pass entering the room. You don’t have to say anything participants will react.
Even money has shown best results you can make variations.
Someone who is late has to say motivational quote or sing a song.
Questions for you:
1. What other variations you can imagine?
2. What to do if person doesn’t want to pay a fine?
Please reply and send to us a picture of your money box.

Idea #11 How to deal with miserable people and be fresh like Natasha?

Do it On every training when someone says: “How can I be fresh whole day when I have to deal with people who are miserable?”
When I worked in Vancouver 94/95 I had a friend Natasha. During day shifts she worked as cashier at Safeway. In the evenings she worked as waitress and singer in the night bar.
I remember her as someone with great personality and always with a smile on her face.

Once I asked her: “I know it is hard working with people and especially working with money. As cashier, you work with people and money at the same time.
How do you constantly keep a smile on your face?”
Natasha said: “It is easy. When I notice that angry or miserable person comes to me I greet him with Australian accent. He or she can notice that immediately. Then customer asks me: “Are you from Australia?” And I reply: Yes! Then customer continues: “How do you like Vancouver?” Then I say that I am enjoying staying here. People are so nice and friendly. At that moment customer’s face shifts into smile, and we continue to chat while I make his/her bill.”
When I heard that I was astonished. I still think that Natasha is like Thinkel Bell, with magic stick bringing smile to the miserable people.
Now, think about someone who is perfect in dealing with all kinds of people.
1. How would your people look if they know the secret?
2. What would be their motivation?
3. What is his/her secret?
4. Why is that so important to you?
5. What actions would that person suggest for being “fresh” when dealing all day with people and money?
6. When are you going to implement those actions?

Idea #3 Chess as Your Corporate Gift

Do it When you want to make a really special company gift or during Team building when you want your team members to have a fun and think about the company strategy.
The history of chess spans some 1500 years. The earliest predecessors of the game originated in India, before the 6th century AD. A lot of business people play chess.
At least we are all familiar with the pieces used in chess.

King, queen, bishop, knight, rook and pawn. So, there are 6 different pieces for showing your creativity. Choose 6 your products and use them for all 6 pieces. Even if you don’t make a real corporate gift, you can use this example on your team building while discussing importance of each product.
1. Which one is major and the company will not survive without it (king)?
2. Which one is the most valuable on the market (queen)?
3. Which one is the cheapest product, available in every store and generates a profit everywhere (pawn)?
Encourage every idea that your colleagues will brainstorm. Good luck!

Idea #2 Hidden symbol in your Logo

Do it During Team building when you want your team members to think thoroughly about  your company mission or when you want to send a subliminal message with your logo.
Companies have had logos for decades. Logo represents more than just a company`s name in some nice letters. It represents values, and how a company wants to be seen in the eyes of customers. It is image. Amazon obviously wants to be seen as someone offering from A to Z. Right? So just look at their logo. An arrow is starting from the letter A and ends at Z. On the top of that the arrow makes a smile. Great, because it is not obviously.

Let`s see Federal Express logo. It also has an arrow that you can see between the E and the X. What values does an arrow represent? Obviously it is speed and precision, which is excellent for a shipping company.

Now it is your turn. Take a logo of your company and put a hidden symbol in it.
It has to represent some of your values.
1. What are your most important values?
2. Where are they already hidden?
3. What is the real mission of your company?

Idea #1 From Bad habit to Good one

Welcome and enjoy staying with us!
Let’s start with Coaching Your Creative Mind.
Believe it or not, people are not ideal. Each of us has a bad habit.
For instance, some people constantly go from computer to the fridge and eat.
They say that the best way for overcoming a bad habit is with changing it with a good habit. It is easy to say, but how can we trick our emotional brain?
! #1
For instance, when taking a break from work, instead of going to the fridge, turn right and take a glass of water.Then, go back to the comp as if we completed the mission. Is it useful?
What can we do when emotional brain starts sending the message: “Let`s have a doughnut”, “Take a beer” or “Sit and watch TV”?
What can you do instead?
1. Write down a BAD HABIT that you want to change.
2. Who would you be when you change that habit?
3. Who else will then benefit from?
4. How might you make this more meaningful?
5. What values does it develop?
6. What actions need to be undertaken?
7. How are you going to commit yourself to fulfilling those actions?
Thank you for sharing this with us. Additionally if you want to post your action plan or a picture, you are more than welcome.