Do it When you want to do something for Mother Earth and all of us while you are exercising your Creative Mind.
We constantly buy things, and in several years or even months we throw them away. Some people say that is how economy works. But what if we don’t want to throw things?
Maybe those things have something that brings memories to us. Like old Audio Cassette Box. We don’t want to throw all good times that we had by listening to music that was recorded on it. A good idea is to use it as a holder for cellular phone.
! Audio Cassette as stand

On the wings of the previous idea, let`s look around our closet.
1. What can we use from the old times, as support to day-to-day gadgets?
To make it more interesting, it has to find it’s purpose in our office
2. What good memories does it bring to you?
3. How are you going to connect your present goals with those memories?
4. What skills can you transfer from that time?
5. Now by having those skills refreshed how is that going to affect your life?
6. What will be the very first action step?
7. What will be your action plan?
8. When are you going to implement that?
Enjoy and be creative!

3 Comments on Idea #5 Recycling! Oh, how clever of You!

3 Replies to “Idea #5 Recycling! Oh, how clever of You!”

  1. The City of Milwaukee’s Self-Help Centers accept a variety of items for recycling that are not accepted in the curbside program. If you have something not accepted at one of these centers, browse this page for ideas on how to reuse or recycle it. The below list is not all inclusive and companies or organizations listed are for informational purposes only. Listing does not confer an endorsement or recommendation of any company or organization from the City of Milwaukee. To be included on this list, call: (414) 286-2349.

    Batteries, rechargeable – Find a battery recycler near you

    Books – See the Yellow pages under “Book Dealers – Used”

    Cell phones
    Check with your carrier or at any cell phone retail store to find a recycling service near you.

    Clothing and Home Furnishings
    Check with your local Goodwill , Salvation Army , or St. Vincent DePaul stores for donation guidelines. You can also drop off used clothing, shoes, and linens in any one of the red and white US’Again textile recycling bins that are located throughout Milwaukee.

    City of Milwaukee Self-Help Centers – Effective September 1st, 2010, many consumer electronics are banned from landfills. City of Milwaukee residents can recycle these electronics for free at either of two locations: 6660 N. Industrial Rd, and 3879 W Lincoln Ave. Visit for hours and a full list of accepted items. For more information on the ban and the new state wide E-Cycle Wisconsin program for recycling electronics, visit the DPW’s electronics webpage.

    Other Recycling Options – For a list of collection sites by county, visit the DNR’s website .”

    Donate – Many local organizations also accept electronic equipment as donations. Examples are:

    IndependenceFirst accepts computers which will be refurbished and made available to people with disabilities who could otherwise not obtain one. For guidelines and more information, call (414) 291-7520.

    New Horizons Un-Limited, Inc. – Computer equipment is refurbished and made available to people with disabilities. Visit or call (414) 299-0124 for accepted components and requirements.

    Fats, Cooking Oil, Grease
    Residents may drop off used cooking oil at City of Milwaukee Self-Help Centers. Used oils will be refined into biodiesel fuel by a local company and supplied back to the community as an alternative fuel source. The City of Milwaukee has greened its fleet of diesel engine vehicles by using some of this fuel.

    Acceptable used oils include: Canola, Soybean, Palm, Sunflower, Corn, Olive and other vegetable oils.

    If possible, transport oil in original container or find an airtight, spill-proof alternative. Do not transport used cooking oil when it is hot.

    Large quantity generators (over 50 gallons) can call Cream City Grecycing at (414) 688-7672 for special arrangements.

    Food, Non-perishable
    Food donations can be made to local charities, food banks, and homeless shelters such as the Hunger Taskforce , America’s Second Harvest of Wisconsin , Hope House , and The Guest House . Additional organizations can be found by searching the yellow pages under “Food Bank” or a similar term.

    Food Packaging – Send in cookie wrappers, drink pouches, yogurt containers, and more to be recycled into new products.

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