Do it When you want to connect your people, talk about strategy, values and image, during team building.
Making snowman is very educational game. People have been making things in their images, and then materialising that for a long time.
If you see children playing in the Winter, usually they will have a snowball fight from behind snow walls. But making snowman is something very different.
In fighting, someone has to win and the other has to loose. In making snowman, children are joining forces to make something productive. Something that will last for several days. On the top of that, it is easy and fun  🙂 to make a snowman.
company snowman

Knowing that, here is a new task for your group. You have to make a snowman.
But, your snowman is the special one. It will represent your company. Remember, you are now allowed to use your company logo, flag or write name of your company.
Still everyone that will pass by, will be clear that it is your snowman.
Discuss among your group.
What is so unique in your company that everyone will recognise?
What else you can do so you can be even more unique? 
When you finish picture it, and send to us. Use that picture for Christmas cards, T-shirts or motivational posters.
5 Comments on Idea #6 Hey, is this your company Snowman?

5 Replies to “Idea #6 Hey, is this your company Snowman?”

  1. The company I am currently building is a little out of my comfort zone. So far I have been in teaching and training. This is an engineering firm based in Canada and I am opening their engineering office in Skopje, Macedonia. This will be the company’s head engineering office and we are to work solely for foreign markets. Being a scholar of organizational behavior has made me quite analytic when it comes to issues of organizational culture. As a result, I have planned as much as a can to create an environment of trust, creativity and innovation and knowledge transfer. We have an organic structure that seems to work well as a business model. I am guessing it will do well with us as well. So when you meet my engineers you will know they work in my company – these guys are actually happy with their jobs!

    1. Yes Marija and Chester,
      I am sure that it is like you said.
      My point is that what would your customers say?
      Just imagine that someone interviews your customer or people on the market and mention things that you stated.
      Would it be obviously that it is your company? Or is it just something what any director on Linkedin thinks about
      his company. In majority of companies even employees have no idea what is so unique. That is be cause directors
      have no idea or fail to share that with employees. Games like
      “Idea #6 Hey, is this your company Snowman?” help in finding and establishing the real values and advantages.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts

  2. Customer service, qaulity of service, delivery,how we communicate with clients.after sales service,how we handle customer complaints, office layout, happy employees

  3. This is a great question and many companies do not realise the power of knowing this – they tend to avoid feedback, thinking it only focuses on complaints. Recent feedback reveals my ability to connect authentically and value the person; help my clients find their own unique but simple practical solutions/ideas that work; I quietly do, rather than talk about it – empower and bring change and transformation.

    1. Dear Amanda,
      I am glad that you are on the right track.
      From your point what was the question you have asked them to got idea?
      Hope that we are going to be in contact.
      Best regards,

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