Do it When you want to know what is really important to your people and what they want to change. Just imagine that in a basement of your company building you have found an old lamp.   When you rub it a good genie appears.  The genie gives to each member of your team 3 wishes.  Everyone has to make 3 changes. You have to change yourself, your manager and your job.

You have 5 minutes for preparation and then you start presentations, one by one.
You can make variations by making dividing people on groups of 3, so they can work and make presentation together. In that case give them flip chart. when you finish make a picture of presentations and use them in your company, Of course send one copy to us.

1. While that good genie is in the house, ask him for one additional wish. What it will be?
2. Why is it so important to you, that you will spend that one wish on it?
3. What changes in your life it will make?
4. How might you take it even further?
5. What skills would you need for it?
6. How are going to get it?
7. What is a full plan?

8. How will you stick to the plan?
Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!

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  1. How to Change Yourself
    1. Accept and admit that you need to change. This is a huge step. The fact that you already clicked on this article shows that you want to change, and know somewhere you have a problem.
    2. Think of all the things in your life you want better. Make a list of all the things, or the thing, that you want to change, don’t hesitate.
    3. Don’t set any limits to your change. If you think maybe, someone will make fun of you for trying to change, or maybe it isn’t possible, or that you just can’t, realize that it doesn’t matter! It’s a psychological change, so attitude plays a big part in your ability to succeed. Set small, easy goals that you know you can achieve and work your way up.
    4. Write the steps that you need to take to achieve the changes you wrote down. Be reasonable, but don’t be afraid to reach high at the same time. Set a day when you’ll start taking all these steps.
    5. When that day comes to start doing those steps, just do it. Don’t even think about it. Abandon everything you don’t want and just throw yourself into the new you!
    6. Make a habit of these new steps. It takes 21 days to break a habit. The first day will beso hard, but then it gets twice as easy every time….you have to want to do it for!

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