Do it when you want them to think outside the box.
All you need is flipchart. Draw following:
Now they have to continue. Give them 5 minutes. Help them by giving a clue:
_ _ _ _ _ _#030box

Answer is in reading. First line is one one which is explained in 2nd line. 2nd line is two one which is said in 3rd line. 3rd line is one two, one one which is said in 4th line.
Next we continue with one one, one two, two one said in 5th line.
6th line will be 3 1 2 2 1 1 (three one, two two, one one).
All over the world 20 % of children 3rd grade solve this problem.
You are clever to; Just, we all have to think outside the box.

Now, coaching questions for you:
1. Think what is it in your business that at this moment no one is doing because it is impossible?
2. Make a list of 20 items. What from that list would be the most important for your business?
3. What would be the first step towards solving it?
4. What would be the idea that only you can see?
5. Where you could find similar ideas?
6. What kind of your previous experience you can modify?
7. How you can combine your experience with new ideas?

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  1. Thinking out of the box is the first step to creative thinking, it helps to see where you are with some elses eyes and what the other’s want you to offer, or deliver to them, maybe why as well. I agree thinking out of the box helps to figure out importnat milestones for new ideas and to analyse and to analyse them. But to generate something unique and to develop creative way of thinking need something further, for example matching and furtherdeveloping knowledge of different branches and ideas that have nothing in common, except the logical approach you use for matching (as they belong to different branches, technologies, ideas, even cultures and points of view), is a way to come to creative new ideas, inventures, or just to update existing ideas, technologies, business approcahes. Approaching same thing from the point of view of different theories (complexity theory) ofter eads to creation of new aspects, ideas, methods, solutions, concepts and this is most important to manage successful your business processes…

  2. Oh pat you made me laugh. So have had thinking inside the box to thinking outside the box to thinking inside the box to think outside the box so we can understand what is in the box. Five step thinking program.

  3. The “nine dots” puzzle. The goal of the puzzle is to link all 9 dots using four straight lines or fewer, without lifting the pen and without tracing the same line more than once.

  4. Dear Misa,
    It is ok to advertise on our site, just first you have to contribute with some idea or article.
    We delete all comments that are just thanking without fresh ideas

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