Do it when you have to develop participants’ management of details. Napoleon was genius of military tactics and strategy. One of his core values was his brilliant management of details. He never forgot a single point of advantage. He has remembered every soldier, river, stream, mountain, hill, valley, and ravine down in his mental note book. Let’s see why and how we are going to develop similar skill in our business. Each one in our group has to create a mental picture of one of our customer. Write down as much as possible data about him (name, address, company, age, gander …). Now we can go deeper in Master details. Explain his/her look, color of hair, eyes, any characteristics, what he/she likes, favorite product, his/her family, favorite places…). When you finish there is even deeper level. Subordinate Details which means detailed look of his/her office, accent, details in body language, characteristic words that are used, changing of skin brightness, changing in voice, changing in tempo…) Lets count how many you have counted in each column.

Now, coaching questions for you:
1. Imagine that your core value is brilliant management of details, like Napoleon’s. In which area of your business it will be the most valuable?
2. Who will you be with that value?
3. How important on a scale from 1 to 10 is it to you?
4. How will you know that you have it?
5. What other skills will be then within your reach?
6. When was the first time you have noticed that you possessed it?
7. Explain that moment in details in 4 sentences?
8. What would be beneficial action in developing that skill even further?
9. What will be other good moves?
10. What will be the elements of system that will be helpful to you whenever you have to recall that brilliant management of details?
11. Now, all you have to do is go through your list and say how satisfied you are with your plan?

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  1. What about the idea of developing a genuine interest in your customers and using your brilliant attention to detail to figure out ways to help them, rather than paying excessive (obsessive?) attention to their hair & eye color, “changing of skin brightness”, details about their office, etc.?

    1. Thank you William for your comment.
      Developing a genuine interest in customers and using brilliant attention to detail to figure out ways to help them is a very good point. Just I prefer word to serve customers, rather than to help them. Because most of customers are fine and need no help.
      I see that “changing of skin brightness” and other details are something very strange to you. Large group of sales people made their careers implementing NLP tactics like those. Just check them.
      Tesla idea #33 is a game you can use on sales training. In real sales you have to be very good in uncovering needs of customers and brilliant attention to details can be only helpful. Best regards

  2. Have you ever watched the kid’s movie Napoleon. It’s about a really brave puppy that fights for his doggy kind. It is very warm and uplifting and makes you realise that we human folk have alot to learn. The puppies strategies and tactics were simple. Be honest, be kind, don’t be too complicated, don’t be selfish, don’t be greedy and don’t use others to further your monetry, intellectual or personal needs.

    Promote necessity in times that are lean and enjoy simple pleasures. Smoke and mirrors is not a sustainable solution. Mangagement of details. Sleep when tired, eat if you can when hungry, drink water if you can,when thirsty, think clearly with history in mind if you can and have a fair vision for the future that includes all status’s in a sustainable free fashion.

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