Do it when you have finished your training. It is always good to see how participants have accepted training and what are they going to implement. On one page of handout give them matrix 2 x 2. In 4 quadrants give them headlines:  I will do More, I will do Less, I will Stop and I will Start. On every quadrant make at least 3 lines so they can fulfill them. At the end of that page make a space so participants can sign. This is very good commitment that they will really follow their action plan.
And remember that We Can Not Change our Past but We Can Change the Future.
Now, coaching questions for you:
1. Find area in your life where you want to make improvement. Which area is that?
2. How important on a scale from 1 to 10 is it to you?
3. Whom will you be when you make that improvement?
4. To make that improvement you will have to start doing something differently. Name 3 things!
5. You will have to stop doing something. Name 3 things!
6. You will have to do something more than you are doing now? Name 3 things!
7. You will have to do something less than now! Name 3 things!
8. Now you have 12 things that you will do. What will be the first thing?
9. Make prioritization for other eleven.
10. How satisfied are you with this plan?
Thank you and good luck!

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4 Replies to “Idea #34 Action plan at The End”

  1. On the same handout under that 3 quadrants and their signatures I always ask them to write what was the most important idea from the training that they will implement.

  2. Could you explain in your post how this Idea #34 is relevant to Open Space Technology, please?

    1. Dear Steven “Doc” List thank you for this opportunity to explain how Tesla Ideas are connected with Open Space Technology.

      Since 2003 when I had privilege to work with Mr. Toke Paludan Moeller I am great fun of using OST whenever it is possible.

      Connections with Tesla Ideas and OST are:
      1. Like OST we are very adaptable, on virtual meetings we have from several people to several thousand people.
      2. With every idea I invite every visitor to post his results and his ideas.
      3. On Tesla Idea #34 question was to find other ways fir finishing training.
      4. Participant chairs arranged in a circle like we are at this moment. Just tell me that someone of you doesn’t have a chair, and on a round globe we are all on a sphere which is more than circle.
      5. Please treat Tesla Ideas as a “bulletin board” of issues and opportunities where all of you are posting.
      6. Please consider Tesla Ideas as a “marketplace” with many breakout spaces that participants move freely between, learning and contributing as they “shop” for information and ideas.
      7. Every Tesla Idea lets participants to create the agenda for themselves.
      8. As you can as sponsor I am “fully present and totally invisible” and all of you are in “self-organizing” process called “open space.”
      9. Every issue that is important to you will be discussed.
      10. On you can raise issues and for sure it will be addressed by the participants best capable of getting something done about them.
      11. As you can see all of the most important ideas, recommendations, discussions, and next steps are documented on Tesla Ideas.
      12. Like during OST we have reports with actions that are taken.
      13. Like in OST we are all energized by the process.
      14. Like OST we are trying to find a real issue of concern, that it is something worth talking about.
      15. Like in OST at the beginning I can’t guaranty what is going to happen at the end and it is all up to us, who are participants.
      16. We believe that memory is inherent in nature. It suggests that natural systems inherit a collective memory from all previous and present things of their kind.

      So I am calling Steven and all of you to use all that memory and coach your creative minds.

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