Do it during training when you want to point that managing people is 2 way street. Divide participants in pairs. They have to stand facing each other.
Person A has to point his/her finger just next to the nous of person B. Just give instruction that person A has to move his/her finger and person B has to maintain the same distance between his nous and finger of person A. Very soon everyone will show their real personality. Some people will just move finger left to right without moving arm. But, some of them will give them a full speed and creativity making spirals with finger. After 2 minutes ask them to switch the roles. The very next moment you will hear laugh, because everyone knows what will happen. Those who were gentle will receive the same treatment. But the other ones will experience rollercoaster journey. This is the best way to show participants, especially managers that we are all dealing with people like us.

Now, coaching questions for you:
1. Imagine yourself giving feedback to one of your employee. On the same time you have noticed that in the room is (invisible for your employee) person who is your managing role model. That person is standing in one corner of your office observing what is happening. Tell me more about that person. What are his/here values?
2. Why is she/he your role model?
3. Imagine that you have left you conscious mind and come into head of your role model. Now you are looking with eyes of your role model at you delivering feedback to your employee. Feel what he/she feels. Listen to his/her
thoughts. What positive facts will your role model say about you?
4. What positive will your role model say about your behaving during feedback?
5. What that person will suggest to you for the purpose of being better?
6. Now go back to your body. Think about everything what you heard from him/her?
7. How beneficial will be implementing it?
8. In which situations you will implement that?
9. How are you going to commit yourself that you are going to do like that?
Thank you for your thoughts. How beneficial was this for you?

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