Idea #11 How to deal with miserable people and be fresh like Natasha?

Do it On every training when someone says: “How can I be fresh whole day when I have to deal with people who are miserable?”
When I worked in Vancouver 94/95 I had a friend Natasha. During day shifts she worked as cashier at Safeway. In the evenings she worked as waitress and singer in the night bar.
I remember her as someone with great personality and always with a smile on her face.

Once I asked her: “I know it is hard working with people and especially working with money. As cashier, you work with people and money at the same time.
How do you constantly keep a smile on your face?”
Natasha said: “It is easy. When I notice that angry or miserable person comes to me I greet him with Australian accent. He or she can notice that immediately. Then customer asks me: “Are you from Australia?” And I reply: Yes! Then customer continues: “How do you like Vancouver?” Then I say that I am enjoying staying here. People are so nice and friendly. At that moment customer’s face shifts into smile, and we continue to chat while I make his/her bill.”
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