Idea #25 Paper plane evaluation

Do it When you want easily to see how much participant have gained from the training. It is always important to see how much participants have gained from the training. If you ask them directly it can be very bad experience reminding them with school. So let’s use our creativity.
Prepare note book size papers and write on each of them one question concerning topic that was lectured. Ask each participant to take one paper and to make a paper plane from it. Everybody knows to make some kind of paper plane. Then they all have to make a circle as bigger as possible. On your sigh everyone will launch their planes and everyone has to take one plane. If you mark questions with numbers, just ask who has plane number 1 and he/she will read the question and provide the answer.
child hand with paper plane
What variations of this game you suggest?
1. Just imagine your biggest problem. What is it?
2. And imagine that solving that problem you will be much better person. How do you see yourself at that moment?
3. Now, reframe your problem into goal. What it will be?
4. To reach that goal there is a plan Read more